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Spot Healthcare Solutions

Spot Healthcare Solutions

Non-invasive diagnostic solution to detect neonatal sepsis.

Incubated since November 2016 Headquarters Bengaluru India Sector Health
Sub-sector Detection of neonatal sepsis Portfolio manager Aditya Jahagirdar

“We want to bring down the rates of neonatal mortality and maternal mortality by more than 50%. We want to enable parents to make informed decisions.”
- Amrita Sukrity, founder

The Entrepreneur

Amrita Sukrity is an engineer with a Master’s degree in Materials Science from IIT-Kharagpur. She worked at Bosch India before taking up BIRAC’s Social Innovation Immersion Program at Venture Center, where she began work on developing affordable medical diagnostics and devices, leading to the setting up of Spot Healthcare Solutions.

The Challenge

Sepsis is the most common cause of neonatal mortality, responsible for 30- 50% of the total neonatal deaths each year in developing countries. Sepsis is largely preventable with neonatal care, early diagnosis and rational antimicrobial therapy. Currently, the diagnosis is difficult because sepsis symptoms are non-specific. Blood culture, the current gold standard, has a long turnaround time and is an invasive technique.

The Innovation

There is an urgent need for a rapid, non-invasive, accurate diagnostic device that can diagnose sepsis in a timely manner to treat it effectively. Through the BIRAC Social Innovation Immersion Program, Amrita had the opportunity to immerse in primary, secondary healthcare settings and observe the problem and gaps in current diagnostic protocol first hand. She is working on developing an affordable, non-invasive diagnostic tool for sepsis detection.

The Impact

An affordable, rapid, non-invasive diagnostic tool for early stage sepsis will significantly reduce neonatal mortality.

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