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Janitri Innovations

Janitri Innovations

Sustainable technologies to improve maternal and child healthcare.

Incubated since April 2017 Headquarters Bangalore, India Sector Health
Sub-sector Maternal and child healthSenior advisorAnanth Aravamudan Portfolio manager Aditya Jahagirdar

“More than 90% of the maternal & new born mortality/morbidity can be prevented by simple & innovative products in a sustainable manner.”
- Arun Agarwal, Founder

The Entrepreneur

Arun Agarwal is electronics engineer and his interest into healthcare led him to do master’s in biomedical engineering. His passion for solving grass root healthcare problems through technology led him to BIRAC VILLGRO SIIP program where he visited more than 100 hospitals across India to identify & validate problems of maternal and child health. Further, he founded JANITRI in 2016 to develop innovative solutions to solve problems of maternal and child healthcare.

The Challenge

Every year, 2 Million Neonatal & 250,000 Maternal deaths occur during intra-partum period globally. In India, more than 80% deliveries occur with the assistance of staff nurses in a low resource healthcare setting which lack skilled healthcare worker and medical devices. There is a need for affordable & accurate solutions designed for low skilled healthcare workers which would help them in accurate monitoring and decision support during intra-partum period.

The Innovation

Uterine contraction is one of the important parameter to track the labor progress and diagnose lot of other complications during intra-partum period but get monitored inaccurately & ignored more than 85% of the time which indirectly lead to mortality/morbidity. Our device is an affordable, easy to use & portable uterine contraction monitoring device for low resources healthcare settings.

More than 80% deliveries occur with the assistance of staff nurses most of them do not follow protocol during intra-partum & post-partum period which lead to delay in decision making/referral/providing intervention in case of any complications. Our solution is an intelligent labor monitoring tool which helps staff nurses in their decision making and protocol adherence during intra-partum & post-partum period.

The Impact

Both the innovations empower low skilled healthcare worker during intra-partum period for better monitoring and decision making to prevent maternal & new born mortality/morbidity.

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