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Adiuvo Diagnostics

Adiuvo Diagnostics

Portable diagnostic devices for skin and soft tissue infections.

Incubated since December 2016 Headquarters Chennai India Sector Health
Sub-sector Diagnosis of skin and tissue infections Portfolio manager Aditya Jahagirdar

“The interactions with patients who have been long suffering due to improper diagnosis keeps us motivated to develop solutions which will put an end to wrong treatment protocols, and help in minimising treatment times and save a lot of their hard-earned money.”
- R.Geethanjali, founder

The Entrepreneur

Geethanjali Radhakrishnan is a biomedical engineer, who worked in research and then as a software developer at Tata Consultancy Services.After four years, she felt that her biomedical background would be better utilised to develop solutions for healthcare problems in India. She founded Adiuvo Diagnostics in 2015, after placing as a finalist at Unconvention Chennai (Villgro’s nationwide pitch contest), and has subsequently also been selected at the ASME iShow 2016.

The Challenge

The incidence of Skin and Soft tissue infections (SSTI) from an open wound/ cut/ abrasions/ pressure ulcers is a serious problem in India. Approximately 7-10% of hospitalised patients are affected by skin and soft tissue infections and the problem is more severe in emergency care settings.

Typically, skin infections are handled by dermatologists and only 6000 dermatologists in India cater to 121 crore population; most patients having to get treated by general physicians. Due to the lack of a device/method to quickly identify and differentiate the pathogen causing the infection at an early stage, generic antibiotics are prescribed which contribute to antibiotic resistance, rise of super bugs and increasing healthcare-associated infections. In addition, many cases requires a follow up after a week which is not always done in low resource settings.

The Innovation

A non-invasive and portable device that can detect pathogen presence on skin and soft tissue infections, within two minutes using multi-wavelength fluorescence spectroscopy combined with advanced image processing and machine learning techniques. The device can also classify pathogens species and in future has the potential to quantify the level of pathogenic load on the wound and, hence, can be an effective diagnostic aid to the doctors in prescribing the right medical treatment.

The Impact

Adiuvo seeks to develop technologically advanced diagnostic devices at an affordable cost in order to assist doctors in right diagnosis and medical prescriptions. The devices will also have data storage and network connectivity options, enabling easy tracking of the infections and consultations with qualified medical professions remotely if required. This will lead to a reduction in unwanted prescription of antibiotics, and minimizing the costs associated with unnecessary visits to hospitals.

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