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Promorph provides actionable, real-time data on RTE mandates by developing & successfully implementing SMART & Intelligent system “EmpowerU”. This ensures that teachers are in the classroom and the resources spent are being used, which in turn drives student engagement.

Incubated Since 2018 Headquarters Kanpur Sector Education Portfolio Manager Vikash Jha

"We Aim to impact the lives of 2 Million students by 2020."
- Onkar

The Entrepreneur

Onkar, the Founder & CEO, has a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering from IIT Kanpur. After working in the field with a district collector in Jharkhand, Onkar launched the solution at IIT Kanpur.

The Challenge

There are 31 million students enrolled in the government schools of India but they face serious challenges in terms of imparting quality education. Key reasons for this are not lack of support or funding by the government but having access to real-time information about millions of schools which are spread across districts, state & country so that necessary steps can be taken every day towards improving the quality parameters & accountability of stakeholders.

The Solution

To address these challenges Promorph has developed & successfully implemented SMART & Intelligent system “EmpowerU” that leverages Technology & Analytics. It

performs daily Real-Time Monitoring & Evaluation from each of the thousands of schools of a district/state using mobile application enabled with Geo fencing, which works even in rural schools that lack internet connectivity.

An Analytical Web Dashboard provides instant Analysis & Data-Driven Decision Making through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and is SMART enough to perform actions based on in-built intelligence at the control room established in the district/state.

The Impact

The project EmpowerU DISHA is successfully operational since July 2016 for last 1 year and 8 months and the impact has been unprecedented monitoring 1,20,000 students & 6000 teachers everyday with the following statistics:

Attendance >90%
Mid-Day Meal(MDM) >90%
Leaves Processed >29000
School Facilities Improved
Grievances Redressed* >450

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