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Blackboard Radio

Blackboard Radio

Blackboard Radio is an AI-powered personalized spoken English coach. It enables conversational-English mastery by providing interactive, personalized instruction over a basic smart phone to young children from all socio-economic backgrounds, opening the door to a lifetime of improved employment opportunities.

Incubated Since 2018 Headquarters Jaipur, Bangalore Sector Education Sub-sector K-12
Portfolio Manager Vikash Jha

"We want to transform Indian students into global citizens by improving their confidence, communication and providing wings to their creative expression."
- Vatsal Dusad

The Entrepreneurs

The Founders were hostel-mates at IIT Delhi and are friends for over 8 years. Before this, both of them were early employees at Avanti Learning Centres. During five years at Avanti, Shubham worked on creating Science and Math learning tools and products for high school children and Vatsal worked on expanding Avanti's operations to tier-2 and tier-3 cities in India.

The Challenge

In India, not being proficient in English leads to students being under-confident and having fewer opportunities in higher studies & jobs. Students have poor English because: First, most parents & teachers cannot help their children with English as they are not comfortable speaking the language correctly. Second, personal language trainers/coachings are either unavailable or expensive.

The Solution

Blackboard Radio uses AI & NLP to create conversation bots for children. Their conversation bots are chatbots but with an additional layer of animated graphics. These bots simulate a real-life conversation between a child & a virtual cartoon character. This technology is used to create adaptive daily 10-minute workouts for children where they play an activity by speaking to this conversation bot.

The Impact

Blackboard Radio currently works with over a 1000 students in a closed beta and plan on reaching out to 10,000 students by 2019.

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