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Monc Tech

Monc Tech

Monc Technologies is a social enterprise that aims to provide high quality and technologically outstanding products and services to restore mobility for people.

Incubated Since 2018 Headquarters Coimbatore Sector Disability
Senior Advisor Vimal Veereshwarayya (Innovspace & Gradvalley),
Arun Venkatesan (Villgro)

Portfolio Manager Aditya Jahagirdar

“Our mission is to provide affordable, high quality and technologically advanced products & service in prosthetics to empower amputees and increase their livelihood, because true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence.”
- Antony Edison

The Entrepreneurs

Monc Technologies was founded in 2016 by Antony Edison. Gokul and Mugilan later joined the journey of empowering amputees. Unlike most startup founders, they were neither college mates nor school friends. They are bound together by their ideology and the passion of impacting lives with technology. Antony Edison has his undergraduate degree in Mechatronics engineering from HICET, Coimbatore. He published scientific articles in “Electronic For You“ magazines, holds 3 patents and has led a team of 25 members in Electric Solar Car design and fabrication national level event and won a best business plan award. Gokul Karat has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from IES, Kerala. He has organized and successfully completed three phases project “punarjanni” with other volunteers on behalf of National service scheme (unit 186) on three consecutive years from 2014 to 2016. Mugilan has his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from VIT, Vellore. He has 2 years of experience in a DRDO project and has published numerous international scientific journals.

The Challenge

The loss of all or part of the arm is a catastrophic event for a person. While they were previously a provider for their family, post the arm amputation, their dependence on others increases enormously, which often leads to depression, lack of self confidence, frustration and losing the will to live. It has been estimated that in India alone, annually 6300 new arm amputees are added to total arm amputee’s population. Low income countries account for 84% of total global population, and affordability plays a major role in their lives. Prosthetics industry is one of the most underserved in terms of innovation in commercially available products mainly due to lack of volume in the market. Currently available externally powered functional prosthetic hands are priced at INR 1.5 lakhs to INR 30 Lakhs which makes this product a fantasy for low income families. Body powered hands, however, are available at INR 8K - 20K but the hand system is complex and extremely uncomfortable to wear.

The Solution

Conventional model functional artificial hands use two EMG electrodes to open and close, thus requiring highly trained Prosthetists to figure out exact two different muscle groups in the remaining stump of an amputee. Moreover, the frequency of error rate in EMG is high. Since almost all the functional artificial hands are imported, it increases the service time and cost. But Monc Technologies has developed a technical procedure called Unified Myography (UMG) which acquires two different physiological phenomenon from single superficial muscle group and only single UMG electrode is enough to control the hand functionalities. This technology solution enhances product robustness and quality while being an affordable option for many.

The Impact

Monc Technologies products will help arm amputees to provide for themselves and their families and achieve independence. The improvement in adaptability and reduction in time taken to fit the hand prosthesis can enhance the quality of life for arm amputees and increase employment rate.

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