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Devices for physically challenged people and elderly.

Incubated Since 2018 Headquarters Chennai Sector Health Sub-sector Disability
Senior Advisor S GopalPortfolio Manager Aditya Jahagirdar

"Enable people with disability to live life to their fullest.”
- Swostik Dash.

The Entrepreneurs

Swostik Sourav Dash, a mechanical engineer, and product designer graduated in 2013 from IIT Madras to join an FMCG firm as a project manager. After a two-year stint there, his interest in product design and his desire to positively impact the society brought him back to his alma mater to continue where he had left.

Dr. Sujatha Srinivasan is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Madras and has been working in the assistive devices space for over 25 years now, in industry and as an academician, researcher. In 2008 she founded the Rehabilitation Research and Device Development lab at IIT Madras, currently funded by TTK Prestige and this is the place where Neomotion’s journey started.

The Challenge

Neomotion’s journey began with the Standing Wheelchair project of Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. The team traveled across the country for testing and interacted with over 200 wheelchair users and found that most wheelchair users are confined to four walls with poor health, no employment and no social engagement. The two major problems that caught their attention were -

  • Lack of awareness and availability of a good wheelchair: One-size-fits-all wheelchairs, widely in use, offer incorrect posture and are difficult to propel. There is a lack of awareness of the extent of damage that a bad wheelchair can inflict on health even in a 3-month period, leave alone life time users.
  • Challenges in outdoor mobility: Conventional wheelchairs are unusable outdoors. For outdoor mobility, people use alternates as tri-cycles and tri-scooters but these involve transfers from one device to another making the person always dependent. Consequently, many wheelchair users stay within their home.

The Solution

The focus of Neomotion is lifestyle-altering solutions for wheelchair users. Neomotion brings three products and a few accessories that will introduce to wheelchair users in India an experience they have never experienced. NeoFly is a wheelchair designed for individual customization, correct posture, energy conservation, and compactness to enhance accessibility. These health-enhancing features elude 95%-plus users now. NeoBolt is a motor-powered clip-on which converts NeoFly into a safe, roadworthy vehicle. It eliminates the need to transfer into other vehicles and can be independently attached by the user within seconds. It has a maximum speed of 25 km/ph and travels up to 30 km/charge. NeoBolt can be safely used on uneven terrains. NeoRider is a hand-powered clip-on to NeoFly. It obviates the need for two devices at home, a vital factor for persons with disability from economically challenged backgrounds. NeoRider gives a stylish tricycle on roads that also enhances efficiency.

The Impact

Improper posture inflicted by one-size-fits-all wheelchairs acutely compromises the quality of life. Fatigue, resultant shoulder/back pain can be lasting. NeoFly, the wheelchair, will eliminate these avoidable damages, promote good health, increase accessibility and make wheelchair use enjoyable. These will result in an active lifestyle and a better attitude towards life. NeoBolt and NeoRider, clip-on devices for outdoor mobility, will empower wheelchair users to go out more and explore the world independently without fear. They can become more employable with more work opportunities. Macro socio-economic impact of wheelchair users embracing NeoMotion Mobility Solutions will be game-changing.

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