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Affordable Digital Pathology Platform.

Incubated Since 2019 Headquarters Bangalore Sector Health Sub-sector Diagnostics
Senior Advisor Ramanathan VPortfolio Manager Nirupa Rao

"What makes us stand apart from others is that we have brought down the cost of scanners by 10x while ensuring that the diagnosis is far more accurate than what is available in the market today.”
- Rohit Hiwale.

The Entrepreneurs

Rohit Hiwale holds a Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science from IIT Kharagpur. Rohit previously worked on Data Science and System Engineering at Walmart Labs and was also the CEO at Qureto Technologies, a data-driven intelligent fashion discovery company that he co-founded. Anchit Navelkar also studied Computer Science at IIT Kharagpur where his masters' thesis was on image processing based skin cancer detection.

The Challenge

There is a lack of MD pathologists in suburban & rural India. More than 50% talukas in the country don’t even have a single MD pathologist. Lack of access leads means that many people have to spend significant time and money traveling to cities for simple diagnostic tests.

The Solution

Morphle is developing an affordable one-touch automated microscopic scanner which when coupled with their tele-reporting workflows, can enable remote diagnosis, thereby eliminating the need for the physical presence of qualified pathologist in rural and sub-urban areas.

The Impact

A device that scans cancer biopsy samples to create a google map like a workstation interface that paves the path to the automation of clinical microscopy. Microscopy happens to be the only part of laboratory testing that is still fully manually and hence lacks standardization & amp; suffers from inter-observer variability. The workstation interface in addition to tele-reporting use case offers integrated AI-powered screening tools to boost efficiency & reduce inter-observer variability in diagnosing cancer. Our next-generation smart interface coupled with the right pricing is bound to impact lives.

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