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Bookmybai is India’s largest online aggregator of maid bureaus. It's a tech enabled service company which empowers women from underprivileged families with livelihood opportunities by providing free job of a domestic worker.

Incubated Since 2018 Headquarters Mumbai Sector Employability
Portfolio Manager Vikash Jha

“Bookmybai’s mission is to pull 1 million economically challenged families out of poverty by providing high-paying domestic worker jobs to the woman of the house by 2022”
- Anupam Sinhal

The Entrepreneurs

Anupam Sinhal holds a B.Tech in Computer Science. His first organization,, helped 5 lakh blue-collar workers in Mumbai find better livelihood opportunities. Post that he launched, a platform through which women can find domestic workers jobs with sufficient blend of easy-to-understand technology for this population. Anupam has been instrumental in building a very frugal company with a team of 65 members and is one of the few startups which is making profit in a short span of time.

The Challenge

Domestic workers’ market in India is huge (20 million+ maids alone) but highly fragmented and largely unorganized. The direct impact of this is reflected in lower salaries, low or no job security, no opportunity for upskilling, low job mobility, etc. 30% of India’s population live below the poverty line. Due to this 26.9 million children work as child labourers, 33 farmers commit suicide every day, 84 million children never go to school. The root cause of this is money. An underprivileged family where the husband is a farmer typically earns less than Rs. 4000 per month which is not sufficient to support the family. Also, women in the city are often exploited by rogue agents and are often not paid worth their work due to the current industry being unorganized.

The Solution

Bookmybai is a service based technology platform enabling underprivileged women to access jobs remotely free of cost. Currently, Bookmybai places domestic workers in ‘formal-lite’ workplaces, which provide enhanced wages, transparent job roles, and contractual agreements using a combination of online and offline processes. They are organizing this unorganized industry by adopting a mix of aggregation and marketplace model. It focuses on crowdsourcing technology with the help of which it can reach millions of such beneficiaries within a short period of time. It provides safe relocation to migrants and provide them with free travel, accommodation and food. For city-workers, it uses geo-tagging technology to ensure a job within a km radius from their home which ensures saving. It also helps them with a bank account and provides a crash-course training for women who are not skilled enough. For the safety and security, it signs a legal contract with the employer stating the client job description, salary structure, leave structure etc to prevent any form of abuse or exploitation.

The Impact

Bookmybai has helped over 50000 domestic workers so far with wage enhancement, preferred location of work, security, contractual safety, access to digital platform free of cost and job mobility. When a woman from an unprivileged house gets a job, she becomes an essential bread-earner for the family. With a minimum salary of Rs. 15000 per month, now the family earns enough to support their child's education, pay off husbands loans, build homes etc. Women who already work as domestic workers have got 54.6% jump in salary from their previous jobs once they approached The company has already helped 11000 women get a livelihood opportunity with over Rs. 300 crores worth of salary disbursed by employers to these 11000 women.

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