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RAAV Techlabs

RAAV Techlabs

An enterprise dedicated towards developing quality analysis solutions for businesses that help analyse the quality of agricultural produce non-invasively.

Incubated Since 2019 Headquarters New Delhi Sector Agriculture Senior Advisor Srinivas Ramanujam
Portfolio Manager Anika Pandey

“We envision creating a new quality standard based on the internal quality of produce and to help customers make smart buying decisions. We aim to bridge the gap between the use of technology in the agricultural sector which can help farmers, businesses and consumers.”
- Rahul Kumar

The Entrepreneur

RAAV Techlabs was founded in 2018 by four batch mates pursuing B.Tech. from NIIT University, Rajasthan. The multidisciplinary team comprises of varying skill sets.
Rahul Kumar, CEO and Founder (B.Tech: CS), specializes in Machine Learning, Algorithms and Backend Development. Varshnee Raj, CTO and Co-Founder (B.Tech: ECE), specializes in Hardware Designing and Backend Development. Alphonse Dhas Antony, COO and Co-Founder (B.Tech: Biotech), specializes in Research and Development. Abhinandan Bhargava, CMO and Co-Founder (B.Tech: CS), specializes in Product development and Marketing.
The team’s passion and dedication to enable portable quality analysis led to the development of innovative products addressing major problems faced in the agricultural sector globally. The team works with a vision to set new standards for quality assessment which will be based on internal quality instead of external appearance.

The Challenge

India is primarily an agriculture-based economy, yet, we witness lack of innovation and product development in this sector. This has led to increasing wastage especially during the post-harvest stage. India witnesses nearly 4.6-15.9% wastage of fruits and vegetables annually. Annual value of harvest and post-harvest losses of major agricultural produces at national was at Rs. 92,651 crores. Also, the quality and safety standards are outdated in comparison to the evolving technology across the world. This has influenced the export sector of the country with increasing rejection rates due to failure of meeting international standards. Businesses are constantly looking for solutions to mitigate post harvest wastage and inventory risk while dealing with agricultural produce. They are also looking for solutions to monitor quality which can help them improve customer relations.

The Solution

The solution comprises of a device in portable form factor, accessible through a smartphone via app or software. Their proprietary algorithms predict important parameters like sweetness, fats, proteins, acidity, moisture, time to ripeness and total shelf life non-invasively. Additionally, a dashboard is available for actionable insights and better decision making. Their solutions are currently applicable to the agricultural sector and can be expanded to the dairy, meat and seafood industries.

The Impact

RAAV’s solution directly benefits businesses which indirectly delivers good quality produce to the end consumer. Their solution can also enable businesses and consumers to make smarter purchasing decisions. By integrating in the supply chain, businesses can:

  • Monitor and improve the quality of raw materials during input
  • Mitigate inventory risk and improve management
  • Enhance customer relationships by providing high quality produce
  • Design quality-based payout systems
  • Reduce wastage
  • Manage and keep track of data online via our dashboard

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