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Urdhvam Environmental Technologies Private Limited is a Pune based “for–profit” social impact start-up that aims to develop disruptive and innovative products using cutting edge IT, IoT, Robotics, Mobile technologies for environmental sustainability.

Incubated Since 2019 Headquarters Pune Sector Water management Senior Advisor Srinivas Ramanujam
Portfolio Manager Anika Pandey

“Urdhvam challenges conventional thinking and innovatively use science and technology to drive positive change in the lives of our stakeholders and communities, to enable them to rise.”
- Rahul Bakare, Founder, Urdhvam

The Entrepreneur

Rahul Bakare is from IIM Calcutta and he completed his MS from Michigan State University. He has an experience of 16+ years in Project-Program-Product-People Management, IT and Business Development. Vinit Phadnis is from Eberhard Karls University, Germany. He holds 22 years of experience in Hydrogeology and Geology.

The Challenge

80% of India depends on groundwater for its agricultural, domestic and drinking water supply. There are more than 45 million groundwater abstraction wells and borewells in India that are abstracting groundwater at an alarming pace. Borewells tap deeper aquifers that are hundreds of feet below the surface. Rainwater replenishes surface water but cannot sufficiently recharge deeper aquifers hence groundwater levels are dropping alarmingly resulting in borewell failures.

Borewells are rapidly drying up in India affecting all users. Groundwater depletion is a root cause of many issues such as farmer suicides, loss of agriculture production and income, fluoride & water quality related fatal diseases, Unsustainable & unviable businesses, loss of green cover, nonperennial streams, etc. In search of water borewells are drilled that tap deeper aquifer systems where natural percolation of rain water doesn’t reach. Natural recharge of deeper borewell sources is very less and slow where in abstraction is very fast and hence this imbalance causes borewells to become dry. Unregulated rapid pumping without any harvesting of rainwater results into borewells going dry and failing eventually.

The Solution

BoreCharger is a smart rainwater harvesting technique that increases rainwater recharge rate of a borewell by 2 to 20 times, improves quantum by 4 to 60 Lakh Liters and enhances longevity by 1 to 6 months along with the water quality.

Unique technology that helps harvesting rainwater from shallow aquifers and store it in deeper confined aquifers that are source of borewell water. BoreCharger makes the borewell more sustainable by recharging the deeper aquifers without any effort. BoreCharging is a unique process which “perforates” existing borewell casing in-situ from inside. It potentially revives existing, failed and low yielding wells & doesn’t need civil construction, space and surface water source. This innovative technique converts any existing borewell from “Abstraction Only” structure to “Recharge” structure at very low cost within a few hours.

The Impact

  • In the past 10 months 550+ implementations in 7 States in India & abroad in Benin, Africa affecting 5000+ people
  • Potentially recharged more than 44Cr Litres of rainwater
  • Won awards from Maharashtra State Innovation Society (Govt of Maharashtra), FICCI, Finalists in JSW EarthCare Awards, NASSCOM Foundation, etc.

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