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Flexmotiv is an assistive technology product design company working on mobility aid for locomotor disability. They design innovative products for differently-abled which gives them independent life & freedom to go limitless.

Incubated Since 2019 Headquarters New Delhi Sector Assistive Technology and Locomotor disability.Senior Advisor Sandeep Jain Prof. Sudipto MukherjeeProf. Rajesh Malhotra
Portfolio Manager Aditya Jahagirdar

“Flexmo reflects our vision for this society. Let’s change the definition of equality together. Disability is neither mental nor physical!”
- Arvind S.A.

The Entrepreneur

Arvind S.A. is the CEO and Director of Flexmotiv. He looks after the product development and Strategy. He has 7 years of experience in production and bio-medical product design. He is currently pursuing Masters at IIT Delhi.

The Challenge

Axillary Crutches are the massive mobility aid distributed in India by number. The current design is single tipped and is prone to slipping and falling. The rubber tip is not very durable nor stable in uneven terrains (wet surface, rocks, sand, and mud) like in India, and they wear out soon. They demand a lot of energy to move and transmit movement shock to the body, making it painful and uncomfortable to use. People are not aware of the long term effects of using these crutches and solutions are not available. These drawbacks lead to a low quality of life of the person using the crutches.

The Solution

Flexmo crutches is a design improvement of the traditional crutch crafted to improve the mobility of a person using crutches. It is the world’s first self-standing crutch. By using specially crafted metal flexures based tip design, the Flexmo crutch substantially improves the stability and mobility of a patient while keeping the cost low. It also incorporates smart techniques to keep energy usage low. The ultimate result for a user is that energy used is minimal and there are no impact forces carried to the body thus mitigating side effects. The design additionally increases grip on rough terrains such as sand, pebbles and wet surfaces.

The Impact

Flexmotiv understands that gainful employment plays an essential part in the life of a person because it gives him/her status and binds him/her to the society. Acceptance of disabled person at work can be viewed as society's acceptance of these people without discrimination. However, many people with disabilities are still unable to obtain gainful occupation and are dependent on others. With Flexmo crutches, PwLD can work in a robust environment without worrying about slipping and face hiccups in doing activities. With Flexmo we aimed not only to hinder free walk but also improve their quality of life.

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