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Cultyvate help banana, grape, pomegranate and paddy, sugarcane farmers to increase profit upto 30% and save upto 50% water with our AI and IoT based farm & crop specific irrigation advisory & solution

Incubated Since 2019 Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka Sector Precision Irrigation Sub Sector Precision Fertigation Solutions Senior Advisor Srinivas Ramanujam, Dr. H S Jamadagni, Dr. Prabhakar, Dr. Ramakrishna, K P Pradeep
Portfolio Manager Anika Pandey

“Revolutionising the precision irrigation and fertigation using IoT and AI to enable sustainable farming for our farmers, where they can grow more using less water, inputs and labour.”
- Mallesh Tigali, Founder, Cultyvate

The Entrepreneur

Mallesh founded Farm2fork Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in 2016, with a vision to provide data analytics based intelligence to farmers using IoT and AI at an affordable cost and make farming more sustainable.

Prior to this, Mallesh founded Purna Organics Pvt. Ltd. where high density Organic Terrace Gardening was promoted across India. Mallesh has Industrial production engineering backed with 20+ years of IT experience.

The Challenge

Lack of precise water and nutrient requirement, that are very specific to the crop type and soil type, combined with weather variations makes it difficult for farmers to understand precise watering needs of the crop. Even when the farmer is able to understand, he/she is faced with the challenge of not having power supply during day time and not having the labor during night time.

The Solution

Soil moisture sensor driven system where the system will understand the crop water demands based on the crop type, soil type, age of the crop and daily weather condition, check the availability of power and turn the pump ‘on’ and ‘off’ while deciding and managing the watering for different blocks without manual intervention.

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