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CoolCrop creates decentralized solar cold storage systems and predictive market analytics to enable small and marginal farmers get better price for their perishable harvest.

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"We are committed to creating sustainable and affordable technologies for the farmers and empower them to look at agriculture as a profitable venture!”
– Niraj Marathe

The Entrepreneur

Niraj Marathe has worked in energy access, product development and manufacturing sectors. He did his Masters in Solar Technology from Technical University of Berlin, Germany. Kendall Nowocin did his Ph.D (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US and has earlier worked on power systems.

The Challenge

In India more than 80% of the farmers are small and marginal who also cultivate perishable crops. They usually sell the crops within a day of harvest irrespective of the market prices as they do not have any means to preserve the harvest immediately. In most cases, they end up selling it at throwaway prices, not recovering their cost of production or completely dumping the produce if the market prices of those days are very low. This is primarily due to lack of proper preservation facilities at the point of harvest and inability of the farmers to judge the market price trends.

The Solution

CoolCrop develops customized on-farm cold storage solutions which can be powered by solar energy systems in areas where electricity grid access is unreliable. CoolCrop usually works with partner organizations to reach out to Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs), farmer groups or aggregators and provide access to the technology. CoolCrop also provides the farmers with information of ongoing and predictive market price trends for perishable produce so that they can make better informed decisions on when and where to market the stored or harvested produce.

The Impact

CoolCrop has installed 16 systems till now through which they have been able to make positive changes in the way agriculture and marketing occurs for perishable produce. CoolCrop systems are now being used to the benefit of about 5000+ farmers across 6 states. The average post-harvest wastage has gone down from about 25% to less than 5% due to CoolCrop’s storage product. This has also resulted in an average increase of income of about 30% for farmers, either individually or collectively.

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