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Bharat Rohan

Bharat Rohan

Bharat Rohan is a tech enabled integrated agri value chain company providing farm advisory (nutrition, pest and disease), quality inputs, post harvest processing, quality assurance and market linkage for Mentha, Potato and Paddy.

Incubated Since 2019 Headquarters Lucknow Sector Agriculture Sub-sector Farm Services, Inputs and Market Linkage
Senior advisor Srinivas Ramanujam Portfolio Manager Anika Pandey

"We are innovating the agriculture system so that farmers can sustainably, efficiently and profitably supply safe agricultural products to the consumers.”
- Amandeep Panwar

The Entrepreneur

Amandeep and Rishabh co-founded BharatRohan Airborne Innovations post their graduation in Aeronautical Engineering in order to create an affordable and accessible tool for Indian farmers using data analytics. Prior to this, Amandeep worked as a Community FundRaising Fellow for Make a Difference. He is also a Mentor for Change at Atal Tinkering Lab (established by NITI Ayog).

The Challenge

Lack of information about the crop and soil health at the right stage of the plant growth is a major reason for the loss of crop and an increase in the input cost for the farmers. Additionally, the lack of market linkage and lack of advisory in improving the quality of the farm produce results in distress sale of the harvest and poor quality of farm produce results in less income realization for the farmer.

The Solution

Bharat Rohan, through its CropAssure solution, is helping farmers in increasing the output of the farm and reducing the input cost by providing information and advisory on nutrition management, pest and disease management. It is also helping farmers get more price for their produce by providing post-harvest processing solutions and market linkage.

The Impact

They are empowering communication between farms and farmers which is essential in saving them from crop losses and significantly increasing their farming yields.

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