Technology-driven precision farming services for small farmers

Incubated Since 2016 Headquarters Bengaluru, India Sector Agriculture Sub-sector Farm mechanisation
Portfolio Manager AB Chakravarthy

“We are moving into an age of data-driven innovations in agriculture and we are excited about our technology creating significant impact for the industry.”
-Suraj Dixit, founder, Nubesol

The Entrepreneur

Suraj Dixit is an enginner who has worked at companies like IBM, GE Capital and British Teleocom before starting out on his own. As a farmer, he has experienced inefficiencies in production firsthand, which led him to Nubesol.

The Challenge

In India, the average productivity of sugarcane farmer is 25 tonnes per acre whereas other sugarcane growing countries like Australia and Colombia record 30% higher productivity. One major challenge for sugarcane farmers is lack of information on the soil and crop health and appropriate advisory during the crop cycle.

The Innovation

Remote Sensing Technology and Geographic Information System technologies to capture, analyze and generate information on the soil and crop health at an individual farm level.

The Impact

By using Nubesol’s technology, a farmer can increase productivity by 10% and reduce the cost of inputs by 30%. This would result in net increase in income of Rs 10,000 per acre. There are at least 65 sugar factories in Karnataka, each working with 5,000-20,000 sugarcane farmers. In Karnataka alone, it has potential to reach 500,000 farmers.

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