VOX Videos


Sreejith N.N.

Rope International

Sreejith, N.N. Co-Founder of Rope International, a company that makes home furnishings made from renewable natural materials, talks about his biggest lessons – knowing how to focus on the right opportunity, managing cash and satisfying the customer. He also talks...


Jatin Singh


Jatin Singh, Founder of Skymet, talks about the impact the organisation has created, which he attributes to association with great weather scientists, getting good customers, incubation support by Villgro, and getting timely Venture Capital funding.


Myshkin Ingawale


Myshkin Ingawale, Founder of Biosense, talks about how the belief in their idea and incubation by IIM-Ahmedabad and the Villgro Innovations Foundation helped them grow. He also talks about the importance of making mistakes fast and learning from them.


Mukund Deogaonkar

First Energy

Mukund Deogaonkar, Founder of First Energy, talks about how their funders helped them completely change their business model. He emphasises the importance of being open to change and listening actively to market feedback and how building a company and bringing...


Caitlin Marinelli


Caitlin Marinelli, Marketing Head of Uniphore, talks about how the biggest moment in the company's history was when they decided to become a B2B company instead of B2C company. She also talks about the challenges they faced and the ecosystem...


Saloni Malhotra


Saloni Malhotra, Founder of Desicrew, India's first rural BPO, talks about the role that IIT Madras Rural Technology Business Incubator (RTBI) and Villgro, played in various stages of the organisation's growth. She also talks about how they have learnt to...


Sam White

Promethean Power Systems

Sam White, Founder of Promethean Power, talks about critical moments in the history of the organization and how they learnt to overcome major challenges with support from the social enterprise ecosystem.


Svati Bhogle


Svati Bhogle, Founder of Sustaintech India, talks about the importance of developing a business sense along with technological excellence, and how it can be developed through collaboratons with various players in the social enterprise ecosystem.


Michael Macharg

Simpa Networks

Michael MacHarg, Co-Founder of Simpa Networks, a household energy service provider, talks about learning from customers and incorporating the learnings in the company's business model.