our mission

We dream of an equitable world where the poor and marginalised can lead lives that are empowered and just.

We believe that this scale of change can be achieved through social enterprises, that is, businesses that place impact at the centre of their mission.

We inspire, mentor, fund and support early stage, innovation‐based for‐profit enterprises that have an impact on the lives of the poor in India.

The power of innovation, combined with entrepreneurship, to impact the lives of people who are poor
Paul Basil, founder

our values


We embrace uncertainty, ambition and believe in possibilities


We take initiative, and capitalise on opportunities

Impeccable integrity

We maintain confidentiality while being transparent in our dealings


We are customer centric, humble and are committed to helping entrepreneurs

our story

Villgro was founded in 2001 by PAUL BASIL with the mission of incubating early‐stage, innovative businesses and has since worked in discovering thousands of innovations and innovators, and incubated over 100 businesses.

We envisioned an organization that moves away from the traditional form of charity to a more sustainable approach where the poor and marginalised are stakeholders in their own growth.

Villgro does this by tirelessly growing an ecosystem that supports social entrepreneurs and helping them building impactful, scaleable businesses with the potential to change the way communities live and function.